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A Princess Disrobed S.L. Petting

A Princess Disrobed

S.L. Petting

Kindle Edition
53 pages
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 About the Book 

Galactic Princess introduces the sensually charged adventures of Princess Amber and her best friend, noble handmaiden Gloria.With the Great Galactic Empire of Sandirus losing a war against the Minotaurs, Amber and Gloria are given as noble hostages to prevent future hostilities between the two domains. As the two young women come to terms with their fate, they try everything they can to avoid being taken by the beastmen and turned into breeding stock for the enemy... Everything that is, including seducing the Emperor, Ambers step-uncle, and dealing with the double-endowments of the men in the Minotaur army.Contains strong adult themes including- Explicit Sexual descriptions, FF, MFF, Stockings, Breeding, and much more than you can imagine.All characters are over the age of 18.