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The Bellman Continuum Richard E. Bellman

The Bellman Continuum

Richard E. Bellman

Published June 22nd 2013
ISBN : 9781299673397
895 pages
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 About the Book 

This volume is a collection of some of the most significant mathematical works of Prof Richard E Bellman. Ten areas of Prof Bellmans mathematical research were selected by his co-workers for this volume. Each chapter starts with an introductory comment on the significance of Bellmans contribution. Some important mathematical theories are put forward and their applications in physics and biology such as the mathematical aspect of chemotherapy and the analysis of biological systems are included in this book.Contents: Richard Ernest BellmanDynamic ProgrammingDifferential-Difference EquationsInvariant ImbeddingRadiative TransferMathematical BiologyQuasilinearizationStochastic Processes and Stochastic Differential EquationsThe Identification of SystemsMathematics, Man and SocietyReadership: Mathematicians, mathematical physicists and mathematical biologists.